Practice Track and Facilities

Tracks are maintained daily. Weekly and monthly stays give you access to 3 MX tracks on scheduled days, fitness center, MTN bike trails, Club Wake, Basket ball courts, Fishing pond and more!


Pricing: MX RIDING

$30 Daily

$130 Weekly

$400 Monthly

$3,000 Yearly

Pricing: SX RIDING

$50 Daily

$175 Weekly

$500 Monthly

$2,000 SX Season

Full Hookup RV Site

$30 Daily

$130 Weekly

$400 Monthly

$3,000 Yearly


Meal Program

$75 weekly


$575 Weekly

$1,950 Monthly

Daily Riding Schedule Summer- Thursday -Saturday (June1- Oct.1) 10am-4pm

Daily Riding Schedule Winter- Thursday-Sunday (Oct.1-June1)10am-4pm

"Call Before You Haul"- Ben 507-273-0060

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