Each rider will undergo a 2-week trial. This 2-week trial is for the rider to experience the ClubMX's training program. At the end of the 2 week trial, the ClubMX staff and rider will meet to determine them committing to the year contract or not. Program includes:


-Individually customized riding program

-Individually customized fitness program

-Individually customized nutrition program

-Coaches train in groups of 4-  7 during  their          scheduledtraining  times                       

-27 rider limit to  insure one on one  attention                   while utilizing group  training benefits


-Individual Physical Therapy and Recovery

-Mental Skills

-Mobile App synced with their training programs and  heart rate data

 -Training on site Monday-Friday, with open riding on Saturdays and race    support as available

-Meal Program available $75 per week (additional) Monday - Thursday(Breakfast and Dinner) Friday Breakfast

   12 monthly payments of $1,471


Our main focus with riders here for short term training is to make the biggest impact on the bike as possible with the allotted time we have. Our main focus is to improve technique and efficiency on the bike. Go faster, safer and easier. Long days will be spent in small groups with a combination of coaches. Short term members will have the option to join in on fitness training and experience other parts of what the full time members here do.

 Monthly - $1950

Weekly- $575

Training Camps

-Dates: TBD

-Two day Camp: Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am-2:30pm.

-Limit to 8 Riders, All levels of riders

-Price:$450 for first camp, additional camps are $350

Private Training

Private training is available by appointment only. We offer private training, and semi-private/small group sessions. We only work with riders who are able to meet with us on a regular basis throughout the year to track progress.

Private Training: $75/hr  

Semi-Private Training: 2 Riders-$100/hr   3 Riders-$115/hr
4 Riders-$130/hr   5 Riders-$140/hr

Trainers- Mike Evenson and Ben Graves

ClubMX would love to hear from you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Images by Jay Todd